In the search of meaning

Modern man is searching his soul. It is hard to find solace and hope in a society that emphasises material gains over spiritual ones. We are completely unaware of changes brought to us by the digital revolution that happened more than two decades ago. Today we are only testimonies of new mental disorders and attention deficiencies. Human behaviour has changed significantly in this new digital era. How do we reclaim our soul and existence in the midst of it all? Some try to find comfort in nature, some in daydreaming, and others in different behaviours that are out of the norm. People are looking for magic in the most unusual places in this new era. Women pronounce themselves as witches, men as magicians, and everyone seems obsessed with astrology.

What happened with serenity and peacefulness in a society that glorifies success and productivity?

In this project, I’m exploring different ways in which we are trying to give meaning to the life we have.